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Weekly menu from April 9 to 15

Like every Monday, our weekly menu from April 8 to 15 is here, which, as usual, is presented with a review of the publications we have made during the past week in Direct to the Palate. For breakfast or for snack, we have made some appetizing village muffins, which on this occasion have been cooked with the Thermomix.

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Gastronomic Meeting Saborea Guadalhorce 2009

To publicize the cuisine of the Guadalhorce Valley, the GDR Valle del Guadalhorce together with the association Guadalhorce Tourism, organized this morning at the Carolina Restaurant of Alhaurín el Grande the Gastronomic Meeting Saborea Guadalhorce 2009, the kitchen of the garden, an appointment in which restauradores, mass media, companies dedicated to the elaboration of food products, business associations and other public and private entities related to the world of gastronomy of the Guadalhorce Valley have met.

V Cycle of Cinema and Gastronomy of Girona

In the framework of the XXXI Gastronomic Week of Girona, which will be held between March 3 and 20, the V Cycle of Cinema and Gastronomy of Girona will also be held. A total of 3 films will be screened at the Truffaut Cinema. The films selected for this event have been Soul Kitchen, 18 Meals and Rain of meatballs.

The secret terrace of the Neri Hotel

I would dare to say that if there is a beautiful and intimate square in Barcelona, ​​this is undoubtedly that of Sant Felip Neri. Right in the heart of the Gothic Quarter and a few minutes from the bustling Ramblas, this square turns out to be an oasis of tranquility where to protect yourself from the urban hustle and bustle. Without cars, with hardly any noise, one can think that the time here has completely stopped.

Cuisipro Pastry Blender

Cuisipro Pastry Blender is an ideal tool to avoid making an effort when mixing the ingredients to make a dough, for example that of cookies, and especially when the butter is too cold. It happens to us often, because we generally do not plan to make cookies, at any given time we get to it and of course, the butter is in place, in the fridge.

The falsehood of wine

And, as in everything, there are always frauds that threaten the consumer, since the wine began to acquire the category it deserves, the fakes addressed various denominations or brands, especially good wines. In 2001 a group of Australian scientists devised different methods that detected fraudulent wines, such as carbon dating 14, very suitable when someone buys a wine with a large solera and of course, with a high price.

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Cocktail Recipes (I)

The cocktails represent the ideal drink to accompany special moments, unforgettable evenings, a good company, but they are also ideal to accompany some good snacks. Our fellow Mensencia and Noctamine have some cocktail recipes to share with us.

About honey

If we get technical, and I don't particularly like doing it, we will say that honey is a sweet and viscous fluid produced by bees from the nectar of flowers or excretions of plant-sucking insects, we can also say and this is the part I liked least to know, that it is created by combining an enzyme that contains its saliva with that nectar, letting it ripen in panels.

Walk through the gastronomy of the network: irresistible breakfasts and snacks

I can hardly believe that we are already in the final stretch of January, but the fact is that we have reached the last Walk through the gastronomy of the network this month. Christmas is finally a past memory and now we are thinking about Carnival, Lent, Valentine and Easter. But let's not get ahead, let's continue with our daily routines for which today I bring you a selection of irresistible breakfast and snack recipes.

What is your star summer recipe? the question of the week

We continue with questions about the summer that, as you can see, is something that I find interesting as far as food is concerned. I know that the pace of life changes in these months, as well as the way of eating and cooking. This is what you have expressed through your comments, in which you confirm that salads and fruit become protagonists in your diets.

Luxury kitchen without scratching your pocket

You have to see how we get the body when we have to invite a meal at home and we are lazy with money ... Or how flat and boring the menus can be for fear of extending our budget. The Crisis Library collection brings us Luxury Kitchen without scratching your pocket, a small recipe book written by Daniel Aixelà, in which we can find 52 cheap menus with which to revive the illusion of eating imaginatively and differently without having to pawn the medals.

Two conceptions of gastronomy

Thanks to Telemadrid we have been able to enjoy these days, through the questions of German Yanke and Marta Reyero, of two interviews with two of the monsters of the current homeland kitchen: Abraham García and Ferrán Adriá. The interest of these interviews is not only in the conversations alone, but rather in comparing them and discovering two opposite poles of the gastronomic conception.

Edible Kitchen Utensils

Can you imagine eating the utensils you used to cook before? Well, it is what several designers have done in response to the ideas contest launched by Julien Madérou's website. They won some cutlery made with broken dough (or similar) and a tableware made with zucchini. This reminds me of the plasticine workshops when we were little, that we did many things and in the end we even ended up eating it.

1st Granada Tapas Contest

“False Mediterranean Sushi, by the Restaurant La Metáfora” During this weekend, March 20, 21 and coinciding with the San José bridge that, in Andalusia has not been a holiday, the Provincial Association of Restaurants, Cafes and Bars of Granada , have called the first Granada tapas contest.

Goodbye to the nutritional pyramid

The mythical nutritional pyramid that has accompanied us for years has retired. Or rather they have retired it because its design was confusing, since the foods we should eat were usually in the base. The initial idea of ​​this pyramid that has been with us since 1992 is that at the base are foods such as cereals, fruits and vegetables.

Discover the world of cheese with the infographics of Pop Chart Lab

If you like the design, but you are also authentic cheese eaters, surely you would love to have this complete infographic designed by the Pop Chart Lab studio in your kitchen, specialists in all types of tables, graphics and abstracts in the form of sheets , which ranges from kitchen utensils to technology elements.

Meatballs in my grandmother's sauce

My maternal grandmother was an excellent cook. The most exquisite delicatessen came out of its stove, which made me want to go to eat at home day after day. One of his star dishes were the meatballs in sauce, a humble but very well executed recipe that made me levitate with pleasure with each fork that brought me to my mouth.