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How to make Robert sauce

We continue with ideas to make ideal sauces for your meat recipes. If you recently proposed a dozen sauces for beef tenderloin, and we also prepare the Spanish sauce and truffle Périgueux sauce, today I'm going to tell you how to make Robert sauce, a mustard-based meat sauce that will undoubtedly go To like it very much.

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Brazilian cuisine

Brazilian cuisine is one of the most refined, varied and exotic in all of Latin America. It has an unquestionable tropical character that blends perfectly with the contributions of the various ethnic groups that populate this immense country. The indigenous Indians, who gave him cassava flour, tropical fruits, sweet potatoes, cocoa and peanuts.

Recipe of fried mini mackerel and beef jerky pizzas

Everything came up with a few details. The first one that had not eaten mackerel for centuries, we loved mackerel sandwiches as a child, with its oil and such. But just, a friend has brought me cecina from León (as if I could not buy it in Madrid). And I thought about making a lid, but I wanted to go around the topic bread from the lid, so it occurred to me to make mini fried pizzas with mackerel and beef jerky.

Papaya, rich tropical fruit

Papaya is a tropical fruit of papaya, we can usually find them in the market and its origin is usually from Brazil or Costa Rica, although there are many more countries that grow it. It has a pear shape and is quite large, inside it has a world of black seedlings and its flesh is orange close to red.

Rare Metabolic Diseases The other unknown food allergies

On February 28, World Rare Disease Day was celebrated. A rare disease is one that affects a very low percentage of births and whose characteristics make them so special, that there are cases in which there are hardly a few affected worldwide! In Spain there are more than 3 million citizens who suffer from any of these diseases.

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Casa Gerardo's delicious fabada finally preserved

If you like traditional stews, if you like spoon dishes, then as I am in luck, because the delicious fabada of Casa Gerardo, you can find prepared canned food, to heat and enjoy at any time. This fabada, made with fresh fabas instead of the usual dried fabas, is much more tender and buttery than a traditional fabada.

Kitchen of the Sierra de Cazorla by Juana Trujillo

Yes, Juana Trujillo, our companion of Direct to the Palate, has written this book entitled Cocina de la Sierra de Cazorla. And this book can be many things at once: culture, recipes, gastronomy, history of a family's kitchen, etc. I believe that above all it is gratitude. Juana Trujillo, as she says, is Catalan by birth and heart.

The dilemma of Masterchef Celebrity: is it good for gastronomy or does it degrade between screaming and showcasing?

Another year Masterchef Celebrity is being an audience success, scoring every week around 20% share and three million viewers. The program is a huge showcase for Spanish cuisine, and we must thank its producers who have taken care to give visibility not only to media chefs that everyone knows, but also to little-known chefs for the general public, but who They are doing an excellent job in their restaurants.

Avoid nutritional deficiencies with the help of herbs and spices

The body needs to function properly a certain amount of different nutrients that is, a balanced diet in which ingredients are not lacking. Therefore, it is important to avoid nutritional deficiencies and to achieve this, we suggest you use the help of herbs and spices. Nutritional deficiencies, nutrients at risk A nutritional deficiency or deficit consumption is defined according to the recommended intakes, so it is considered that a small amount of certain nutrient is consumed if the intake is less than 80% of the recommended daily allowance.

Jelly bean masterpieces

The company Jelly Belly, commissioned the artist Kristen Cuming several classic pieces that recreate famous paintings, and that form the collection “Jelly Bean masterpieces”. These pictures are made nothing more and nothing less than with the famous candies. Pieces as well known as The Young of the Pearl by Johannes Vermeer, which by the way is one of my favorites, or the amazing Mona Lisa, are exquisitely represented, and never better said.

Fatuch Salad Recipe

The other day I went to one of my favorite Lebanese restaurants in Valencia, the Beirut King restaurant. It is not that it is excellent, but it is reasonably priced and they make a fatuch salad that tastes like glory and that, to my joy and I imagine that yours, is quite easy to replicate at home. The fatuch salad is a typically Arabic salad, I have tried it both in Morocco and in Tunisia, as well as in Syrian and Lebanese restaurants.

Chocolate and Nut Muffin Recipe

If at home, for breakfast, you like to have something like sponge cake, whether it's muffins, cakes, these muffins like these today with chocolate and nuts, which are delicious, are a great option. The recipe is adapted from one that appears in the magazine Lecturas and is very simple, so anyone can do it.

Marquesas. Christmas Recipe

The marquises are biscuits made with almonds that are usually sold especially during the Christmas season. They are truly delicious, soft and fluffy and with a delicious almond flavor. I have made them with the recipe of this blog and they have been perfect. They are usually made in a square and low paper molds but since I have not found them I have used some small muffin molds and I have put them in a metallic mold of brownies to take the square shape.