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The gypsy cuisine of Matilde Amaya

Maybe the name of Matilde Amaya does not sound much to us ... for now, because if we say that she is Juan Carmona's wife "El Habichuela", and mother of the Carmona brothers, components of the extinct Ketama, the thing is already changing. From the first dish he cooked, a rice with chicken, there have been many dishes and pots that have passed through his hands.

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La Chusquery Restaurant, fusion of traditional and Asian cuisine to share

A few days ago I had the opportunity to attend a restaurant that I liked very much and I wanted to tell you what I tried and explain why I was convinced by the proposal of the Chusquery Restaurant, fusion of traditional and Asian cuisine to share. Located on Los Mancebos street, La Chusquery is a small tavern with a traditional flavor, with wooden tables and a gastronomic offer, the result of the experience of the three partners in their travels around the world.

Experiment I: what are you trying?

Today I am going to propose an easy experiment to do that I have read in the book 'The Kitchen and Science' by Peter Barham, so you can see what role the senses of smell and taste play when we are eating. For this you need a jury, which you have on hand and then you can tease a little if everything goes as expected, that is, with someone from the family, the girlfriend / or a friend will suffice.

Zlakusa clay casseroles, tradition and quality

As you know, Direct to the Palate we are always aware of the latest developments in utensils and kitchen tools, but that is why we do not forget the tradition. If there is a material that takes us back to other times and ways of cooking, that is the mud. Today we want to talk about the casseroles that are manufactured in Zlakusa, a Serbian population located 185 kilometers from Belgrade, which hides in its lands the treasure that makes these objects enjoy superior quality and properties, thanks to a perfect proportion between clay and calcite

Clafoutis of nectarines. Recipe

Clafoutis are some of the most delicious and easy desserts that we can prepare, since it is only a matter of whipping a few ingredients, flavoring according to our tastes, adding any fruit, especially seasonal fruit, and serving as they leave the oven, although Of course we can enjoy them cold.

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The board cuts cheese

A very important tool when cutting the cheese very thin, without breaking it and with a good presence is the cheese cutting board. This board cuts cleanly with its metal wire folding shear. It is special for white, tender cheeses, those that make us so difficult to cut with the knife.

Why does onion chop?

One of the things I hate most, and also, with all my desire is to peel and chop onions. And it's not because of the amount of onions I've had to peel and split, no. That is the least. The worst thing is the stinging and the llantina that comes to me for doing that, peeling them and splitting them. But why does onion chop?

C de Celíaco, new guide for restaurants in Aragón

C de Celíaco is a new guide created by the Department of Health and Consumption of the Government of Aragon with the collaboration of the Association Celíaca Aragonesa. Yesterday it was presented and it includes 80 restaurants and hotels where food is served for people with gluten intolerance. The new guide is a great example to be followed by other autonomous communities because of the great step it represents in the right to information of this group of people.

Our parents' recipes: potato pie, ham and cheese

The combination of ham and cheese has been, and is, one of the most popular and successful home cooking. A winning horse that does nothing but improve if we add another magical ingredient such as potato. My father knew it well, so he enjoyed preparing this potato, ham and cheese cake for the family and we eating it.

Foie with roasted cherry syrup. Recipe

We must take advantage while we have seasonal cherries in the market that we later regret during all the months we do not have for not taking advantage of the moment. A recipe could be this foie with roasted cherry syrup. Ingredients for 4 people A medallion of foie (micuit, notepad), 50 g of cherries, 4 tablespoons of sugar and to accompany some slices of toast, blinis, etc.

Meringue coconut cake. Recipe

This week we have made gourmands in Direct to the Palate and we have offered you several recipes for delicious desserts, all appropriate to finish any meal with a golden brooch. Today I propose this recipe for meringue coconut cake, which, for sure, will delight your guests.

Apple pie or apple pie recipe

Since childhood I have recorded in my memory the cakes that the Yogi bear stole from the windows, attracted by its wonderful aroma. The same that now comes from my kitchen, while baking this delicious apple pie or apple pie, surely of English origin. There are many variations, the one I propose here is very orthodox, it only has apples, sugar and spices.

Picantones with orange sauce, nuts and mint shavings. Recipe

I confess that I was going to prepare this recipe with chicken, but I found a 2x1 offer at the chicken shop, and I came home with two picantones and a smile from ear to ear. So, let's prepare this recipe for picantones with orange sauce, walnuts and mint shavings, although you, if you prefer, can make the same recipe with chicken, if you are not lucky enough to enjoy offers like the one I found .

Spicy tomato, ginger and coconut soup recipe

When the weather map paints rains in practically the entire Iberian Peninsula, what we most want is to take spoon dishes and comforting soups. That's why I wanted to make this recipe for spicy tomato, ginger and coconut soup that will comfort you immediately with two tablespoons. Due to the mixture of ingredients, its flavors will transport you to Thailand, and I am sure that the contrast of nuances in your palate will thrill you.

Chocolate gingerbread cookie nougat cake. Recipe for use

I do not know if it happens to you the same but as soon as the Christmas holidays end, at home we do not want to know anything about the typical items for which we had sighed during the rest of the year and consequently nougat and cookies are relegated to the background. That is why I have prepared this recipe for use, a ginger biscuit cake and chocolate nougat that will surely come in handy.

Weekly menu from March 24 to 30

We end March with the last weekly menu of this month in which we collect all the recipes we publish during the previous seven days. If you have missed a publication nothing happens because here are all the recipes. We start with a very simple appetizer, an arugula toast, pear, radishes and cheese.