If you already think about going back to school, these 11 Amazon supply utensils will be your salvation in the kitchen

We continue acclimatizing these days at the end of the summer preparing backpacks -real and metaphorical- to face the new course also at home. Either because you are going uphill, or because you just start taking your first steps in front of the stove, we have selected the best deals on kitchen utensils to make it much easier.

As we already know, Amazon It is in the middle of the Vuelta al cole campaign and this week brings us discounts and special promotions on a wide variety of products, including all kinds of kitchen gadgets. If you already have pans and pots and you did not plan to get a robot, these small accessories Yes, they will be able to sell you the sea well when cooking.

Direct to the Palate New course objective: renew pans and pots. Amazon helps us with its Back to School offers

Some of these offers are only available for a very limited time or while supplies last.

  • Are you cooking or do you need to renew the basic utensils urgently? This set of eleven essential pieces It will be your lifesaver. Made of non-stick silicone and a beautiful bamboo wood handle, the offer also includes a set of measuring spoons and an accessory to rest the spoons and not stain the kitchen. We have it today at 24.99 19.99 euros.
  • With these croquettes you will not miss your mother's or grandmother's croquettes with these tweezers to quickly shape them and be able to prepare a lot of punch; Freeze leftovers and you can enjoy fresh croquettes for many days. This gadget also comes with four different heads, to adapt to other sizes and elaborations such as rice balls for sushi. It has a great discount, being at a price of 27.99 8.38 euros.
  • Faster and easier impossible, the Microwave tortillas for cooking de Lékué will solve many improvised dinners or lunches in just a few minutes, without having to stain more pans or turn on any oven. It is completely silicone, has a capacity of 250 ml and we find it on offer at 14.90 only 9.50 euros.
  • If you prefer a more generic and multipurpose container, or as a complement to the previous one, the folding steamer of a level suitable for use in casseroles and pots 20 to 22 cm in diameter. It can also be introduced in the oven and in the microwave, and it is dishwasher safe. For 29.50 19.99 euros we can take it home and store it in any drawer for daily use.
  • Vacuum packaging raw and cooked foods will greatly help you to plan meals, prepare menus in advance or save on purchase while avoiding waste. In flash offer we have today is complete vacuum packing machine It admits dry and wet foods and includes a roll of bags and a tube to also be able to pack containers such as jars or bottles. It is discounted today at a price of only 120 33.49 euros.
  • Basic tool that is not missing in any professional kitchen, these silicone spatulas you will use them every day in sweet and savory recipes. This offer set features four pieces of heat-resistant silicone in four different colors, ideal for assigning them a different use and avoiding cross contamination. We have them today on Amazon for 11.99 euros9.59 euros.
  • Chopping, cutting, whisking and mixing are essential techniques that we need to apply to all types of elaborations. If you are not very skilled with the knife or you are lazy to prepare the chopped vegetables and other foods by hand, a manual chopper with rope It will be most useful to you. It needs neither battery nor more energy than your own manual action with the rope and has three stainless steel blades. The special price of the offer leaves us at 10.88 8.70 euros.
  • You have to lose your fear of rolling and cutting vegetables; a good mandolin It is essential to achieve perfect and precise cuts. On offer we have this model with five different stainless steel blades that also includes a pair of safety gloves to avoid accidents or carelessness. It costs today 27.99 25.19 euros.
  • Another basic of any kitchen is at least a good fine blade grater. Essential to get a smooth cut of vegetables, citrus skin or more complicated foods such as ginger, it also serves to grate chocolate, cheese, nuts or spices. This model has a silicone handle and a protective case that also serves as a container to collect the grated product. It is the most sold on Amazon and is on offer at 8.99 7.19 euros.
  • A oil and other liquids sprayer It will be very useful if you are looking for cooking with less fat, dressing salads easily or giving a lustrous final touch to meat, vegetables and fish. It also has a beautiful design and includes a cleaning brush, a spare tube and a funnel to fill it more easily. It is on offer at 9.99 8.49 euros.
  • To cook you must first make the purchase; reduce the use of plastics take another step towards a sustainable life with this set of reusable bags. Made of organic cotton, they are washable and recyclable, allow you to see the interior and are also very comfortable to carry, load and store. On offer we have the pack of eight bags in four different sizes, for 19.99 € 15.99.

Kitchen Grater, Raniaco Lemon Cheese Grater, Fine Manual Zester with Stainless Steel Blade and Silicone Handle + Protective Cover for Orange Chocolate Citrus Vegetables Garlic (Orange)

Today in Amazon for € 8.99

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