New course objective: renew pans and pots. Amazon helps us with its Back to School offers

As much as the calendar says, the authentic cycle change marks the end of the summer, and not so much on January 1. Holidays are over, classes resume and we say goodbye to the intensive schedule. Touch back to the routine and it is time to propose new habits, also giving a new air to our house; And to our kitchen.

Like so many other businesses, Amazon offers us special promotions for these return days. And as the offers must be taken advantage of, it can be the perfect time to renew once and for all the old pans or invest in a good kitchen battery. We help you take advantage of the Back to School offers with the best selection of discounted products to start the new course with force.

If you are not an Amazon Prime user, you can try it for free for 30 days, which allows you to take full advantage of all offers and special discounts, in addition to having the Free shipping and access to other services and advantages of use.

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Cooking in a pan of poor quality or spoiled is a real ordeal. Many newbies in the kitchen commit the mistake of starting with any economic pan or inherited from home with which spoils even the simplest dish. But to make the leap to a good quality ... suddenly reveals a potential chef who was hidden.

Non-stick coatings are the best ally for the amateur cook who prefers not to risk food sticking, too for those looking to eat healthier Without using a lot of fat. Stainless steel, if it works well, is also a magnificent material, excellent for all types of dishes. Be that as it may, it is worth investing in a new, quality frying pan, and taking good care of it.

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BRA Connect pan

To start small or replace the main pan of the house, we have on offer the excellent pan of the Connect range of BRA in its diameter of 28 cm. Suitable for all cooking surfaces, the special manufacturing technology with stainless steel ensures a homogeneous distribution of heat throughout its surface.

Has nonstick coating Teflon profile High quality, exclusive in our country with this brand, is PFOA free, very resistant and even allows it to be used in the oven up to temperatures of 220º C. We have it these days for 45.80 € 31.99 at Amazon.

Lot of two Metaltex Native pans

A set of good pans for those looking for quality at a good price is this lot of Metaltex, two sizes with which we can manage for basic day-to-day elaborations. For only 26.14 19.99 euros we have pans of 20 and 24 cm, in forged aluminum, with non-stick stone-tex coating of a beautiful stone effect, double layer free of PFOA and BPA.

Set of three pans Bergner Professional Chef Copper plus

To give another air to our kitchen but at an affordable price, we have the Bergner set of three pans in pressed aluminum with coating non-stick imitating coppere, also abroad. They are also suitable for all types of kitchen surfaces, and are only 94.99 29.99 euros.

Set of three BRA Efficient frying pans

If we prefer to take the opportunity to get a basic set of three units, with different sizes, there are offers of very attractive sets. From the same BRA brand we find this set of its Efficient range, made in 121.85 64.99 euros, manufactured in cast aluminum with non-stick coating Tricapa Teflon Platinum Plus, also without PFOA.

Set of three pans WMF Profi

If we dare to bet on stainless steel, we can invest in the excellent set of WMF Profi pans, from professional finish. They are made of chromargan 18/10 stainless steel material, are dishwasher safe and very easy to clean if the manufacturer's recommendations are followed and treated well.

They are also compatible with all kitchen surfaces and are very resistant; guarantee a good heat conduction without having to use a lot of power, ideal for skipping, stewing or braising. They are on offer at 179.97 135.99 euros.

Kitchen batteries

Can you survive only with pans? Being extreme, obviously yes -and without them-, but at the minimum that we want to prepare a stew, soup, stew or, simply, cook vegetables or pasta, we need pots and casseroles. There can't be a home without a good kitchen battery, even if it's basic, but with minimal quality and durability.

Saint Ignatius of eight pieces

For starters we have a very interesting offer specially aimed at those who need to renew or fully equip your trousseau culinary. From the Spanish brand San Ignacio we have this set of four pots plus three pans, in total eight basic pieces for 87.89 76.86 euros.

There are specifically four 201 stainless steel pans, with a good thickness of 0.35 mm and their matching glass lids. The body is chromed and the handles and knobs are imitation copper, with a nice detail of satin lines on the body. Frying pans also mimic copper outside, and all parts can be used on any kitchen surface.

BRA Four-Piece Premiere

Returning to BRA, the four-piece Premiere range is made up of a 20 cm and 3 liter saucepan, a 24 cm saucepan with a lid and 4 liters, a low 28 cm and -3.1 liter saucepan, and a saucepan of 16 cm They are made of very resistant cast aluminum, with a great thickness in the 5.5 mm base, especially against deformations.

Suitable for all types of surfaces, include three glass covers and practices ergonomic removable handles Red silicone. We have it in an offer of 174.50 84.99 euros.

Five-piece zwilling

We return to stainless steel with this set of the historic German house composed of five essential pieces, 2.9 l saucepan, 3.6 l pot, 6.0 l high pot, a 2.7 l roaster - all with lid - and a 1.5 l basic saucepan.

For a special price of 157.84 92.66 euros we can get this great battery, which is also compatible with all types of surfaces Cooking

WMF Gala Plus seven pieces

We finish our selection of offers with the magnificent WMF Gala Plus battery consisting of seven pieces. Also made of stainless steel, in this case the pans have opaque lids of the same material. The base has design transtherm It distributes heat better and is suitable for all types of kitchens. further can be used in the oven, up to 250 ° C without cover or 180 ° C with cover.

In addition to the usual pots of different sizes, this set includes a source for steam cooking. They are made in 18/10 chromargan stainless steel, very resistant to use and scratches, facilitating cleaning, and are dishwasher safe. The battery is on offer at 198.41 163.99 euros.

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