These are the only three knives you need in your kitchen

Most people who cook regularly have a common denominator: a huge amount of knives: for bread, to peel tomatoes, to carve, to chop onion, ham, Japanese santoku, cheese ... and I could follow the list with at least twenty other varieties. However, although I recognize that I am one of those who has a knife for everything given to what I do, the reality is that I practically always use them. If you want to be practical and have only what is necessary, These are the only three knives you need in your kitchen.

We talk about three types of knife with which you can practically cover all the needs of a domestic or family kitchen. Specifically, the three knives with which you can equip yourself are the onion or chef's knife, the lace or all-purpose kitchen knife and a bread saw knife. These are our recommendations.

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1. The Chives knife or chef's knife

It is my favorite knife. Large in size and preferably with weight, it is perfect to chop all kinds of food. With it we can make all the traditional cuts of onion, brunoise, julienne, rings, wedges ... - and we can chop large foods like a chicken, a fish or a piece of meat. For all this, this knife is practical for most kitchen tasks.

further It is an easy to maintain knife. It is enough with a quick cleaning, a drying and a pass through the chaira so that the edge stays aligned and we have it ready to use. From time to time, we sharpen it with the stone to preserve an effective cut and we will know that we have a knife that works for all tasks.

If you plan to buy a good chef's knife, these are the most interesting options we have found. The choice of one or the other will depend on your budget and personal tastes. That is why we have made a varied selection, so that you can find your onion or chef's kitchen knife among which we propose.

The cheapest, is the onion knife of Nego, which costs € 12.99 and comes with a sharpener. For little more, we have two good options, the Japanese-style Geekhome or the high-carbon Deik, both for € 13.99.

Average price, the one of Iron King that is in less than 25 euros, the Riviera model of Arcos that does not reach 30 or the one of French design of the DeBuyer brand that is in about 60 euros. Any of these knives is perfect for a domestic kitchen.

If you are looking for more quality or want a professional design knife, this Chinese knife of Damascus steel Japanese style is about 83 euros and this other knife of Zwilling for professionals, which goes beyond 300.

2. The multipurpose knife or the lace

It is one of the most versatile knives. Because of its small size, it is very manageable and it works for tasks as varied as chop a garlic, peel potatoes, chop a vegetable, remove the peduncle of tomatoes, eviscerate a fish or turn vegetables, among many. It is known as lace, although we also find it as a peeler, chopper, peeler and other denominations.

Among our recommendations, this peeling knife or monador like this one of the brand Arches that will cost you about 8 euros, or this one of Quttin that is in about 9 euros. Any of these knives will solve most of the kitchen tasks without problem.

If you are looking for knives of higher quality, you will like this more professional lace of Arcos that is around 20 euros, and this one of DeBuyer that you have in the image, which It comes with counterweights and is suitable for right and left handed that you can get for about 30 euros.

If you can afford it and you really want to have a professional-style lace knife, you could choose the one you have on this paragraph of the Kai brand, which is around 100 euros or this other tip of Sanelli Ambroggio for about 70 euros approximately.

Looking for the best options for you, we have found some knife sets that include a good chive and a sprig, which can raise the quality of your choice and help you with the price by being cheaper than if purchased individually. For example, this professional Zwilling game costs less than 100 euros and if you want a quality Japanese-style game, you will like this set of two Kai knives, made of Damascus steel from 32 layers that cost € 309 with the sharp cutting edge by hand.

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3. The bread saw knife

To cut bread, nothing better than a good saw knife. With this type of knives, we complete the three that we recommend for most tasks of a family kitchen. Bread knives can also be used to slice hard-skinned foods into which straight-edged knives slide, such as eggplants, some tomato varieties, etc.

These are the bread knives that we have found at a good price while maintaining a satisfactory quality for all types of users. The Arcos bread knife costs only 13 euros and is practical and convenient to use. Of similar price, that of Bra's Efficient range is an excellent option for cutting homemade breads, loaves and other hard-crust breads.

Finally, if you want to invest a little more, for just over 25 euros we have found this other bread knife of the Imarku brand, which has a wooden handle and ergonomic design, which will allow you to make perfect slices of bread without tearing the bread.

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