Poll. Some questions to reflect together with the readers

In today's post I would like to make a little experiment with readers. It's about launching a series of open questions about nutrition, food and cooking. You can answer the questions in the comments by referring to the question number of each of them.

My intention is to compile in a following post the comments and use it to reflect on each of the aspects that arise. It is not intended, in any case, to be a statistical survey, but rather a pulse taking. I encourage everyone to participate. The answers, as I said, are open, and can be of the extent or brevity you consider. Let's go with them, they will be only 5.

  1. Do you think the food has improved in recent years? Why?
  2. What do you think is the best way to eat a good diet? Why?
  3. I wish I could cook more (or less) but it prevents me ...
  4. I prefer to buy in a supermarket becauseā€¦ I prefer to buy in local stores becauseā€¦
  5. GM foods seem to me ...

Thank you all in advance, for your participation in this little experiment. As I said, in a next post we will talk about the results.

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