The gastronomic bodypainting of Johannes Stötter

Traditionally the classic supports of the painting have been the board, the wall and the canvas, but since they began to break the established canons the artitas have shown us that they can paint on practically anything. One of the most striking techniques is undoubtedly the so-called bodypainting, which uses the naked human body to develop the works. Johannes Stötter He has specialized in this field, and has a number of very curious gastronomic works.

Some artists have used the body of the models to create clothing scarecrows, when in reality they are naked, while others have simply used them as if they were canvases. In the case of de Stötter we find thematic works in which he places his models in concrete contexts, to create optical illusions thanks to the camouflage effect that is produced.

In some of his pieces, the artist turns his models into chameleons, by painting on their bodies the same objects and surfaces of the specific environment where he later places them to photograph them, as if they mimic space. In others, like the images that lead this entry, it plays with the shape of the human body to imitate textures and colors of concrete elements, such as pineapple or watermelon.

Fruits seem to be one of the most fascinating topics to Stötter, because we also find among his creations paintings where he turns varieties such as pineapple or kiwi into absolute centers, imagining fantasy worlds where all the elements revolve around each fruit.

Born in Italy but trained in Austria, Johannes Stötter is a multidisciplinary artist with an outstanding career also in the world of music, although he has specialized in the art of bodypainting. Winner of several international competitions, his brilliant career so far seems to predict a very productive future. We will be attentive to the evolution of your work, since I hope you continue to enter that curious fusion of gastronomy and bodypainting, which offers us such striking works.