Weekly menu from July 30 to August 5

August begins and this month I am in charge of reminding you, in this weekly menu, what we have published in Direct to the Palate during the last days. While many of you are on vacation or with a more relaxed schedule, we do not want you to be left without knowing everything that is cooked in Direct to the Palate. Let's go with it.

Despite the practically widespread heat that these days we have dared to turn on the oven to prepare a tender hamburger bread and a homemade multigrain bread, both perfect for a breakfast or special snack. We have also explained how to prepare rice to make homemade sushi.

We have also offered you some perfect recipes for an informal pecking, so appealing in this time when we are all more relaxed. So we bet on a tartar of tuna and sour green apple, a salmon and chive roulade omelette with which we celebrate the day of the tortilla, and some mozzarella, tomato and pesto dumplings.

In section main dish We have unanimously agreed for meat recipes. Except for two national recipes, a rabbit confit with garlic and rosemary and a baked pork rib marinated in the Ibizan style, the rest of the recipes are typically British, paying homage to the current Olympic Games. * Coronation chicken. * English roast beef. * Shepherd's foot. * Toad in the Hole.

Also in the section of sweet recipes those of British origin have predominated. It is hard to decide among so many delicious recipes, so you better value which ones you like best. * Crunchy cake with mascarpone and raspberries. * Macarons stuffed with chocolate. * Garibaldi biscuits. * Shortbread cookies. * Chelsea buns. * Yogurt and lemon muffins.

In section health and nutritionWe have talked to you about exotic fruits, about whole milk without lactose, about the relationship between stress, food and diets, and how the environment influences what we eat. Further, we have tested Heinz american burguer sauce and food saver vacuum packing machine.

Too we have visited El Caldero Restaurant in Madrid, the terrace of the Neri Hotel in Barcelona and The loaf in San Sebastián. You we have presented the books "Let me talk to you about wine" and "The True Blood series cookbook." We have advised you how to cook and bake when the heat is pressed and informed of a bar that cooks your purchase for 4 euros.

These and many other topics we have offered you this week in Live to the Palate. I hope you enjoyed this summary of our weekly menu, those who had missed some entry now have the opportunity to read it and those who already saw them at the time is a great opportunity to remember them. See you next Monday.

Video: What's for Dinner? Family Meal Ideas. July 30th- August 6th, 2018 (February 2020).