Processed foods: good for your health?

Over the years the industry has greatly influenced our diet, so it is that today we not only turn to vegetables, fruits and flours, but rather, we find cans, frozen bags and even food boxes ready to heat and consume, it is about processed foods that are increasingly present in our diet, so we ask: they're healthy?.

The advantages and disadvantages of processed foods

Of course, the industry has thought to develop this type of processed foods in sales according to what the consumer is looking for, especially in comfort. Therefore, undoubtedly one of the advantages of this type of products is the ease of preparation, comfort and the possibility of beat seasonality of the products, because it does not matter if it is a seasonal food, because we can access it in a can or in a frozen bag every day of the year.

Undoubtedly, it is also an advantage for those who do not know how to cook or do not like it, because processed foods help us prepare a vegetable salad by simply opening a couple of canned foods or defrosting some vegetables. Now, we can not fail to name the disadvantages of this type of food.

Among the main disadvantages of this type of products that have a strong passage through the industry is the change in the nutritional composition that they suffer by ceasing to be a fresh and natural product. Above all, many products suffer from fiber loss food that we know is important to be present in our diet, others lose watery content therefore they increase your caloric density.

Also, many of these foods, especially canned, pickled or pickled products, suffer a loss of minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium, as well as some vitamins, while adding a large amount of sodium, an excess mineral that usually harm the body.

On the other hand, the pre-prepared foods that we find in the market can also contain much sodium, added sugar and fats to the product and present in greater quantities than if we prepare this food with our own hands.

Processed foods: good for your health?

From everything we have mentioned above, the answer to our headline question follows: Are processed foods good for your health?.

While we cannot give a generalized and absolute answer, that is, we cannot give a resounding yes or a resounding no, we must say that we cannot base our diet on processed foods, then we would harm our body because of a increased consumption of sodium, fat, calories, sugars, artificial additives and a lower intake of fibers, antioxidants and other healthy micronutrients.

However, if to prepare a dish we use a can from time to time or if we eat frozen vegetables every day, the impact that our body receives will not be greater nor will its effect on health be important.

Of course, in people with problems of high blood pressure or heart diseases, the use of preserves, cold cuts, cold cuts, pre-prepared and canned foods is not recommended, although they can be consumed in moderation frozen vegetables that have less sodium and added salt than the rest of the processed foods mentioned above.

For people with problems like high cholesterol, triglycerides, diabetes or other dyslipidemia, the best thing is consume more fresh food that conserve all their fiber, have less added salt, have more water and lower caloric density than foods in their processed version.

As we can see, this type of food can be used in healthy people always with rationality, that is, by helping them sparingly and combining your presence in the diet with fresh foods and natural as well as with a healthy lifestyle.

It is always important to remember that everything in excess is bad, and this type of processed foods many virtues of the fresh foods that wise nature offers us can be robbed, so we must make moderate and rational use of them if we do not want to harm the Health of the organism.

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