Which kitchen robot do you prefer ?, the question of the week

This week we have a new daughter question of the week What to do to you Not long ago, a friend asked me about my preferences for kitchen robots. He asked me if I preferred the KitchenAid or the Thermomix. The truth is that I solved the doubt that they were not the same, and the KitchenAid is not a kitchen robot itself. But in the world of kitchen robots there are many brands, with their pros and cons hence my question.

Which kitchen robot do you prefer?

I invite you to leave your opinion in the section of Direct to the Palate Answers. The most voted contribution of all the spills there (and not in the comments of this post), will be the one that will appear as the most valued answer when you ask the question next week.

Last week's response: What salad recipes do you prefer?

We have had answers for all tastes, pasta salads, vegetables, salads with childhood memories, etc., but the most voted and valued response last week It was Irene Gaya's.

I love salads that are unique. A little varied lettuce, some cherry tomatoes, a chicken breast fillet made in the microwave with mustard, some green olives and a little oil and vinegar. In summer it goes very well

Now we only have to answer the question this week. You sign up?

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