Mikado preparations

When I read or hear the word mikado, the first thing that comes to mind are the famous chocolate-coated sticks, for which there is weakness in my house. The following is the popular game of colored sticks that so many hours of distraction, laughter and discussions have sought in countless homes.

But as of today, every time I hear "mikado", I will have to remember that this word is also the name of several cooking preparations, which were made in the refined classic French cuisine. These types of preparations were characterized by using ingredients related to Japan.

For example, mikado was called scallops of veal or bird placed on curried rice croquettes and napados with a curry sauce, to which some soy sauce was added, they were also served with some tartlets filled with creamy soybean.

Another preparation also called mikado, was a dish that was prepared with small pieces of veal served on roasted tomatoes and covered with tomato sauce that was served with butter fried croutons.

If we cook a typical Dutch sauce and add tangerine juice and some strips of tangerine peel cut in julienne and blanched previously, we can also say that we have managed to make Mikado sauce.

Today and due to the popularization of Japanese cuisine, how easy it is to find products from Japan since we already know how to pronounce and prepare dishes such as sushi, norimaki sushi, nigiri sushi or dashimaki tamago, it has been a long time since Use this expression and the preparation has fallen into disuse.

Video: Mikado Wafer Recipe (February 2020).