Peral cheese dip with yogurt and dill. Recipe

Today I want to present a very refreshing and light recipe, which can serve as an appetizer, appetizer, or snack. It's about a dip Peral cheese with yogurt and dill, which we have served and eaten, with celery and carrot sticks.

Unlike other sauces used to napar or bathe food, dips they are creams or sauces in which we submerge food to take them to the mouth. I think there is no specific word for this type of sauces or creams in the dictionary of the Real academy of the Spanish language, so we will use this anglicism to refer to this sauce.

Ingredients for 4 people

  • 250 gr. of thick yogurt, Greek type, 150 grams of Peral cheese, 2 sprigs of fresh dill (can also be dried), 4 celery sticks, 3 beautiful carrots.

How to make a Peral Cheese Dip with yogurt and dill

I think that at home we have made this type of spreadable sauces with all kinds of ingredients, based on fresh cheese, cream, yogurts and the like, but on this occasion, I wanted to give it some power and taking advantage of having a good piece of Asturian cheese from La Peral, I tried this combination.

The first thing is to mix the yogurt with the cheese, helped by a hand mixer. In the beating glass, put the yogurt and add the cheese into pieces to facilitate the work. In a couple of strokes we will have the cream ready. Transfer the mixture to a bowl, and sprinkle with the chopped dill, beating with the hand rods until you see that the herbs are spread evenly in our cream.


Peel the carrots and cut them into quarters, lengthwise, forming sticks the size of a pen. We wash the celery well, and we are left with its stem, which we split into two halves, so that they are similar in size to carrot sticks.

We serve this appetizer directly in the bowl, pricking the sticks around the edge, so that they are held submerged in the cream of Peral cheese and yogurt.

Processing time | 10 minutes
Difficulty | Easy


It is convenient to serve this Peral cheese dip with yogurt and dill very cold. That is why I recommend that you prepare it half an hour in advance and store it in the fridge covered with kitchen film, to prevent it from rusting or crusting. At the time of serving, we split the vegetable sticks and puncture them. It is also a great cream to enjoy with nachos, chips or crackers. And you, do you do similar ones?

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