A fleeting trip for dinner in the Canary Islands

Last week we were summoned to a fleeting trip to dinner in the Canary Islands, teleportation was carried out in the same Madrid in the Kitchen club, a spectacular place and I did not have the pleasure to meet. A special place to do cooking workshops

It was a great trip especially if there are companions of the old friends (and that we have met rarely), Roberto (El Pingue) and Isabel de Mumumío and many other friends I met at dinner. The dinner was great.

The Canarian gastronomy It is characterized by being a kitchen with intense flavors and aromas and the dishes we could eat were a true reflection. Although the meeting I had the opportunity to go was more touristy than gastronomic, there is no doubt that gastronomy is a good excuse to travel.

We start with a typical Canarian cheese, a Majorero, a goat cheese they served, for me with little success, with spicy paprika. Maybe it would have been better to eat it alone and that way appreciate its flavor. Although there is no cheese that has disappointed me.

We continue for some potato wrinkles with mojo picón, the potatoes a little big for what I'm used to even though they were ready and let's not say the mojo picón. As you can tell the chef was a canary. The mojo is extraordinary, just strong enough not to overdo it.

We continue for some fried rolls stuffed with cheese and different lean meats marinated and chopped canaries. One more example that not everything is mojo. Mincemeat with strong flavor.

The following was one of the most traditional dishes, old canary clothes. A great recipe that is made directly with a series of ingredients and not only to take advantage of the remains of a stew, in this case I carried carrots, I thought I appreciated calabza, beef and chicken, potatoes, onion, chickpeas, etc.

He Rabbit in Salmorejo It was good, the truth is that the rabbit is not my favorite meat but a sample of the gastronomic richness of the Canary Islands. And yes, Salmorejo is the type of marinade, it has nothing to do with Cordovan or similar.

And in the dessert could not miss the protagonist of the Canary Islands, the banana. In this case breaded and fried plantain. Very rich, it could not be otherwise.

The trip was only a couple of hours, it was so fleeting but so intense that I think I have to go, but really, to the Canary Islands sometime.