Travel in Navarra. The paths of wine. Another Gourmand 2009 award

A few days ago Fiona told us about the Gourmand 2009 award for the best book of gastronomic photographs, and today we bring you the 2009 Gourmand award for the best wine Atlas in tourism books, Traveling in Navarra. The paths of wine. At the moment they are the best in Spain but in a few days they will compete to be the best book in the world.

In the book everything that surrounds the world of wine in Navarra is collected and as those who know a little about the world of wine we know that it goes far beyond talking about wineries or types of grapes with their respective photographs. The book deals with the culture, art and way of life of an entire community. Or at least that's what the authors explain.

I say the latter, because the book as such is only available as a guide for tourists who visit Navarra that as a publication to get in bookstores, although perhaps with the success they are having they can consider a greater publication. You can also watch it online here.

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