Quiche de morcilla, muscatel and Arzúa. Recipe

For me, eat a quiche It is always a party, and prepare it, a prelude that something good will happen; perhaps it is the smell that comes out of the oven that stimulates me gloriously, anticipating the feast that will be lived on the table. How harvesting plate It is priceless, as it dignifies and makes perfect spouses forgotten and disparate ingredients.

The other day I was circling a blood sausage that I was ending with taking love, since it had been with us for a long time and its expiration date was close. So I started looking for a good partner, one of those who give you what you need, and I thought about a good muscat grape as a sweet complement to such a strong sausage. The union officiated a Creamy cheese from Arzúa Ulloa. It was a beautiful ceremony, and the banquet was great.

Ingredients for six people

A black pudding from Burgos, two Greek yogurts, 200 grams of Arzúa Ulloa cheese (the most creamy and tender part), muscat grape, 200ml of cream, four eggs, broken dough, salt and pepper.

Preparation of the quiche of black pudding, muscat and Arzúa

We preheat the oven at 180º for ten minutes. First of all you have to prepare a broken dough, although we can also buy it ready-made. We put the dough in the mold and put sulfurized or baking paper on top, and place chickpeas on top so that it does not deform.

We introduce the mold in the oven for 15 minutes. When time passes, we have only to remove the mold from the oven and take the paper by two points to remove the chickpeas at once.

We give a longitudinal and superficial cut to the blood sausage to be able to remove all the skin. We cut into slices and we passed them by the iron. Once done we distribute them on the broken cooked dough. We wash the grapes and place them next to the blood sausage.

We beat the two yogurts, the chopped Arzúa cheese, the eggs and the cream until obtaining a homogeneous dough. We season to taste and put it on the dough. We introduce in the oven for 30 minutes.

Processing time | 60 minutes Difficulty | Half


Greek yogurt and Arzúa Ulloa cheese, give this Quiche of black pudding, Muscat and Arzúa a very special flavor, and a very soft and creamy texture. The forcefulness of the black pudding finds a good counterpoint with the sweet bursting of the grapes. These, richer the smaller they are. If they are too large they can be chopped.