Organic tomatoes in Coín

The Rural Development Group of the Guadalhorce, in collaboration with the City of Coín, the Cooperative "La Verde" and the Association Ecological Guadalhorce, organized next August 15 an exhibition of local varieties of vegetables, next to the traditional organic market of Coín, in the Park of San Agustín.

The exhibition will feature more than 20 varieties of tomatoes, about 10 peppers; 10 types of eggplants, potatoes and pumpkins. The objective of this exhibition is to make a sample of local varieties preserved and rescued by farmers, which contribute to the maintenance of genetic diversity, and the food sovereignty of local economies.

The genetic diversity and the use of local varieties is a primary practice in the development and good work of organic farming, practices promoted and supported by all entities that collaborate in this event. An admirable work and an example to be followed by everyone.

If you have the opportunity to do so, I recommend you attend this interesting exhibition. You know, a tomato watered with EVOO, is one of the greatest delicacies that, unfortunately and, thanks to the abuse of pesticides, etc., is a luxury that we cannot benefit from (conventional tomatoes lack flavor). Unless, as in this case, it is about organic farming tomatoes. With aroma. With taste. Like before.