Summer crumbs with sardines. Recipe

I do every summer crumbs, at least once. And I usually take the opportunity to make them days like today, when the sun rises cloudy, the heat seems to have given us a truce, and threatens a storm. And, where I grew up, crumbs become rainy days. The rain and the crumbs They are a magical combination.

And since it is not the same to eat in summer than in winter, today we are going to prepare something suitable to the time of the year in which we are, this summer crumb recipe with sardines. With their new garlic, with the first tomatoes from the garden and with these bright sardines that are now at their best.

Let me tell you.

The ingredients

A loaf of seated bread, a dozen sardines, 2 or 3 tomatoes, 2 heads of new garlic, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), pepper and salt.

The preparation

Chop the loaf, put it in a bowl, splash with water and leave covered with a cloth for a few hours. Garnish the garlic, without peeling them, if they are very large teeth, we split them in two. Chop the tomato and season it with EVOO, pepper and salt. We proceed to make the crumbs.

In a pan of iron we put a good stream of EVOO in which we brown, little, garlic. We add the crumbs, salt, and we begin to move without stopping to slide them, it may take 30 to 30 minutes.

We grill the sardines in an iron, apart, with some grains of salt. They should be made but juicy.

Processing time | from hour to hour and a half
Standby time | 2-3 hours
Difficulty | high


This summer crumb recipe with sardinesLike all crumb recipes, it is designed to eat all directly from the pan. In this case, more than anything for the sardines, we will put a small plate per diner so that each one manages with their sardines.

They are eaten with a spoon, of course, and the wine boot or the porron circulating. And if, finally, it decides to rain, the crumbs will be memorable because, I am totally convinced that their flavor, even their texture, improves significantly with the humidity and the romanticism of the storm days.

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