Empordàlia Sinols Moscatell 2006

Empordàlia is the new name of the Agricultural Cooperative of the towns of Pau and Roses in the Alt Empordà. The Cooperativa de Vilajuïga, another town in the area with a long tradition in viticulture, joins it.

Located in the northeast corner of Catalonia and framed in the Designation of Origin EmpordàEmpordàlia has about 350 hectares in the towns of Pau, Valajuïga and Roses.

The cultivation area extends at the foot of the Rodes and Alberes mountains, northeast of the city of Figueres, between the so-called Garrotxa de l'Empordà and the mythical Cap de Creus.

They are hard, granitic terrains on the slopes and brackish on the alluvial plain. The climate is Mediterranean, of course, with moderately cold winters and summers tempered by the sea breeze.

But the sea breeze is not the only wind that blows in the area.

Indeed, the feared Tramuntana, cold and unforgiving, always threatens. Land of winds and storms.

That's right, the main climatic feature of the area is the cold north wind, the Tramuntana. Terrible. When it blows hard it is feared by men and beasts that can only wait for calm to come again.

And calm always comes, and with it we can enjoy this Sinols Moscatell 2006, a liquor wine, natural sweet. Liquor, because the fermentation stops with the addition of wine alcohol until 15º. Natural sweet, because its residual sugars come entirely from the grape. A traditional procedure in the Empordà.

A wine with a very fruity nose, with the notes of fresh muscat grapes combined with obvious critical sensations, of lemon and orange peel, of orange blossoms. In sweet mouth but without empalagar, with good acidity and citrus notes enhancing the whole. Good persistence A good wine that will combine beautifully with desserts as typical of l'Empordà as the "Recuit de Fonteta", a second cooking cheese that we will talk about shortly; or the "Rus", a cake of cake, truffle and butter that does not leave indifferent to the one who tries it.

Empordàlia Sinols Moscatell 2006

Denomination: D.O. Empordà / Pau, Vilajuïga / Girona Varieties: 100% Muscat of Alexandria Graduation: 15% Alc. Price: 8-10 euros Score: 8.8