The Simpsons supermarket is open

Surely more than one consumer identified with Homer Simpson or simply follower of the cartoons The Simpsons, you will appreciate this news, it is just less than a month for the famous American series to finally appear on the big screen and to celebrate this effect, the supermarket chain 7-Eleven He has launched a curious initiative. All those products that we can know through the popular series, the Buzz glue, the cereals of Krusty the clown (in the series their products are really lousy and for that reason, an inscription that reads like this appears on their packaging: Nutrition guarantee of Krusty: I guarantee you have paid me to say that this feeds) or one of those fresisuisses (Squishee) who especially love Burt Simpson, can be purchased at 7-Eleven.

Homer J. Simpson enjoys the products rich in fats and sugars, without a doubt, it is a good banner to promote bad nutrition. It is difficult to imagine this character on a healthy and balanced diet, although this possibility should begin to be considered in the face of the growing American interest in good eating habits and also because more and more children are watching this series.

Even some stores have changed their name to honor the famous supermarket that appears in the drawings, Kwik-e-Mart.