Med Diet, a new symbol that identifies the products of the Mediterranean diet

Facilitating the task for consumers to recognize healthy foods and that are part of the Mediterranean diet, is a task that will now be carried out by the Oldways nutrition group, especially for American consumers.

Med Diet is the new logo As part of this educational food program, each food that incorporates it will have been previously certified by the Old Ways nutrition group, responsible for supervising that the criteria established for a product to be part of the Mediterranean diet are met. It is shown that the Mediterranean diet is directly related to health, every day there are more Americans who begin to worry about the serious problem that the country suffers with respect to overweight and obesity and try to eat properly. They know the benefits of the Mediterranean diet but are unaware of all the products involved in it, the new logo makes this task easier for them.

It would be interesting to introduce this type of information on the labels of Spanish products, although we are one of the standard countries of the Mediterranean diet, there are still many consumers who are unaware of the products or healthy aspects they can provide.

Video: Mediterranean diet (February 2020).