Promote the growth of organic farming in Asturias

There are two purposes of the new book presented by the Ministry of Rural Environment and Fisheries of the Principality of Asturias, "What is organic farming?", One educate children in sustainability, and another form to encourage the growth of this agriculture.

This book, which will be distributed by schools in the region, is part of the Strategic Plan for Organic Agriculture of Asturias, and they are working on another book for secondary school students, as well as the creation of guides for producers dividing areas such as Agriculture, livestock or organic honey.

“What is organic farming?” Has a careful general design to attract attention and adapt perfectly to the little ones, the most technical words are written in capital letters that can be found at the end in a glossary. Asturias has one of the slowest growths in organic farming, in 5 years they have gone from 34 to 94 farmers, in terms of hectares of cultivation, they have increased from 73 to 2,400. The problem they suffer according to the general director of Agroalimentation, Tomasa Arce, is that the lands are used for the cattle exploitation of milk.

Although they cannot meet the demand for organic products, Arce encourages the consumption of organic products and that more professionals join this sector.

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