Ice cream flavored stamps

Although fortunately now the stamps are stickers, we do not forget the horrible taste left by the old stamps (which still exist) on the tongue every time you had to send a letter. Incidentally, this has also happened a little to history by grace or unfortunately of the internet.

Well, the Austrian Postal Service and Haagen-Dazs (the ice cream that we like the most to take at home), have devised the formula to make the correspondence more pleasant, ice cream flavored stamps. The delicious flavors of Haagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream with Macadamia nuts, cheesecake with strawberries or Chocolate Midnight Cookies are impregnated on the back of the seals, so licking the seal will not only prevent the repellent taste of the glue, but You will perceive a delicious flavor.

Together with the “Let your tongue travel” campaign, Haagen-Dazs organized a promotion in which they presented you with a stamp book for every ten servings of ice cream.

Postman eye we fill you out ...