Vermouth, a classic with great flavor

He vermouth He has accompanied us during snacks on many occasions, to such an extent that a snack becomes poor if this drink is not present. Composed of a white wine macerated and flavored with herbs, it is said that its origin dates back to the time of Hippocrates. He was the one who created the vinun absinthitum, the father of the current vermouth and was used, they say, for medicinal purposes.

It is undoubtedly a unique drink, since its complicated elaboration process and complicated mixtures of herbs confer a very pleasant and somewhat sweet flavor. There are several types of vermouth and in each of them there is a star herb in the elaboration process, for example in the red vermouth is the gentian, in the dry the chamomile, etc. Most vermouths are used as a base for numerous cocktails and snacks, although if you prefer to drink it alone, the best way to taste it is in a glass tube or in a medium-sized glass such as the tumbler, with ice cubes and some olives The vermouth is part of the cocktail culture and of our own, we must thank who created this magnificent drink.

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