How to make the Betanzos tortilla according to Carmen Carro, absolute juiciness teacher

The Betanzos omelette It is the only one in Spain that has an Orthodox school, a very specific canon that Carmen Carro, chef of the Pedraza Tavern from Madrid, he has been practicing for years. So many that last Saturday dispatched his 37,000 tortilla in his restaurant, famous for having the only one that does justice to those served in the famous Galician town.

In a showcooking held on the first day of Gourmets Hall, organized by the NGO Gastronomía Solidaria, Carro explained how to cook the perfect Betanzos tortilla at home, from a very special partner: Pepe Rodríguez, judge of MasterChef.

This tortilla is characterized by carrying only egg, potato and salt, and no onion, and for being extremely juicy. Because the eggs are barely cooked, it is decisive that they are top quality and very fresh. Carro, which uses 1,200 eggs a week in its restaurant, only uses Galician eggs from selected hens, which have only between 2 and 3 days of setting.

The potato must be new, but in this case the cook looks for those that are better depending on the season, so that they contain little starch, that uncooked cold and absorb the minimum. His favorite, in fact, is not the Galician variety, but that of Chipiona (Cádiz).

It is also a tortilla that should not be excessively large. Carriage is made only with 4 eggs and 200 grams of potato, peeled and cut into small squares 1x1 cm and only between 2 and 3 mm thick. Currently in the restaurant he cuts the potatoes with a machine, but in times he did it by hand, cutting the potato into sticks and then laminating it with a mandolin.

Little beaten eggs, fried potato

To achieve perfection, Carro traveled to Betanzos, approached the inn that had won the best tortilla award for years, and asked to be taught how to do it. Slowly has perfected the method, to elaborate what is considered by many the best tortilla in Spain.

As he explained in the Salon de Gourmets, one of the important secrets to make this tortilla is don't beat the eggs too much, so they don't get oxygenated. It is enough that the white and yolk are well mixed, but it is not interesting to make them dizzy. Carriage, in fact, used to whisk a spoon.

Another important detail is fry the potato well, which should be golden and never cooked. To do this, Carria prefers to use a fryer, at 180 degrees (in the Hall, however, he had to settle for a pot).

When the potato is well fried, strain it well and mix it with the egg, to which it adds two pinches of salt. Then, heat a jet of oil in the pan in which he makes the tortilla, which is always the same, with walls pulling high.

To know if the oil is very hot, pour a drop of egg and when it starts to sizzle pour the whole mixture. This moment is quite hypnotic. Carro has the tortilla ready in less than a minute. Simply wait for about 15 seconds for each turn you give the tortilla, with the help of a plastic lid to which you squirt an oil, and repeat the operation 4 or 5 times over very high heat. The whole process is done by eye.

As Carro explains, the secret of this tortilla is that the egg seals very well and barely cooks, retaining all its color. And the result, we assure you, is spectacular.

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