Are you looking for a refreshing summer cocktail? We present the first "milk liqueur" from Leon

Who has tried the typical Galician coffee liquor he knows. You take the first one and get in like water ... a second, and the third when you try to get up from the chair ... What kind of kick do you get into that concoction?

Well, the Leon raised the bet with Güela Manuela, the first "milk liqueur", 100% artisan, who combined with coffee liqueur would give the curious cocktail "Whitegüela Russian", to serve in a martini glass.

Are you looking for a refreshing summer cocktail? We tell you what you can tell about this Leonese liqueur, which in addition to cow's milk and alcohol of wine origin has secret ingredients that increase the myth of its centenary origin.

Who was Güela Manuela?

It was the year 1890 and Mrs. Manuela -originaria de Arintero, a town in the Leonese mountain from which the mythical also comes Maiden-Knight known as the Lady of Arintero- He looked for a way out of the surplus milk they had at home.

The Porma Valley at that time was a cattle valley famous for a bovine race today disappeared, the cow butter, with a milk so rich in fat that allowed to make butters and extraordinary creams that have not been repeated.

That milk was the origin of the liquor "Güela Manuela", invented by the grandmother of the great-grandfather of the Leon entrepreneur Gonzalo de Celis and his family, who keep a picture of the pioneer as gold on cloth.

"The approximate year of the first time the recipe was written - not when it was invented, because she perhaps learned it from her mother or grandmother - is 1890, because a manuscript with the ingredients and steps is preserved.

That document appeared by chance among old family papers. As far as we know, our Güela Manuela wanted to take advantage of the excess milk she had at home and mixed it with alcohol from the last distillation of the wine. It was not alcohol from corn or beets, "describes De Celis.

"Later, that pomace was going to macerate for some time with some secret ingredients that we cannot reveal. Manuela filtered it later and I used a cloth cloth as a filter, explains the entrepreneur.

Güela Manuela milk liquor has a golden color that is not confused with other types of creamy drinks. The family believes that at that time it remained as a pomace for visits, but they also propose its use in cocktails and pastry, with step-by-step recipes for milk liqueur cookies, biscuits, panna cotta, French toast or rice pudding.

Hipsterization of milk liquor

The descendants of Güela Manuela have wanted to respect tradition and continue to use natural ingredients, if possible kilometer zero, with an eco-sustainable commitment that leads them to distribute home orders by bike in the city of León.

For the creation of their cocktails have had the wisdom of the multimpremiado leonés bartender Daniel Giganto, considered one of the best bartenders in the country, former sommelier of El Bulli, winner of the First National Galician Beer Pulling Championship and new room manager and sommelier of the innovative LAV restaurant in León.

"This milk liqueur can be delicious as a shot with friends or just 'on the rocks', but the combinations are even better. Dani Giganto tried it and started experimenting ... and took out cocktails that have become our symbols, like Güelajito, Güelaquiri and Whitegüela Russian.

In addition, what we want is that this liquor is not left alone in the cocktail bars, but that the ordinary consumer tries it and enters the kitchen. That's why on our website we are uploading super simple recipes, which sometimes do not require a cocktail shaker, so that they are experimenting, "adds De Celis.

So, for example, the "Güelajito" is a hipster mojito with the point of milk liquor. Its creators point out that only 10 or 12 peppermint leaves, two tablespoons of sugar, one centiliter of lime syrup, 6 centiliters of Güela Manuela milk liqueur and 12 of sour mix (mixture of water, sugar and lemon) plus ice are necessary chopped.

In a glass we incorporate the peppermint "after having tapped it to open its aromas", as they explain. Sugar, lime and milk liquor are added. We remove everything to integrate the mixture and add the sour mix. Finally we put the ice and stir to add the flavors. Y we already have the best cocktail for summer. Who signs up?

Images | Güela Manuela Facebook and photos provided by the family.
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