13 very sweet combinations with ice cream to improvise a dessert

Who said that preparing a top-notch dessert requires a lot of time in the kitchen? Ice cream is not only a perfect snack to sweeten any time of the day, it can also be the sweet ending that deserves a good menu. With imagination and a little touch, we can raise it even more in category improvising a fancy dessert in 2 minutes With different combinations.

We can talk about the pairing of ice cream by thinking about how to match each of our favorite flavors to create desserts worthy of the best restaurant. Today we propose original and very simple ideas to surprise family or guests with irresistible desserts that will delight the sweet tooth. Do you dare to try them all?

Chocolate Banana with cookies

He chocolate banana ice cream It is already by itself a delicious combination of the best chocolate with the rich flavor of banana, a fruit widely used to prepare desserts of all kinds. Try serving this variety of Carte D'Or with the cookies you like best, experimenting even with other flavors. For example, with digestive or marie breakfast cookies, or with more special varieties such as Danish or ginger. We can serve the ice cream balls on a cookie base, make sandwiches with them or crush them to sprinkle them on top.

Vanilla with coffee liqueur

The typical coffee liquor that everyone usually has at home makes an ideal match for the vanilla ice cream from Carte D'Or. The aroma of this spice, so used in pastry, combines wonderfully with the flavors of coffee, so a splash of this liquor can be a gourmet touch when serving ice cream balls. It is normally a sweet liqueur flavored with fruits, cinnamon and a little chocolate, and you can even use non-alcoholic varieties. Decorated with coffee beans dipped in chocolate is luxurious.

Tangerine sorbet with peppermint and rum

If you are looking for an easy, fresh dessert with the appearance of a true professional, try to serve some highballs in a high glass tangerine sorbet washed down with rum and decorated with peppermint leaves or fresh mint. This fusion of dessert and cocktail is ideal for a summer night and brings back memories of mojitos and other tropical flavors.

Meringue and strawberries with yogurt cake

In the high confectionery the combination of delicate meringue with strawberries It is a tradition that we can enjoy in its freshest version with this sweet ice cream from Carte D'Or. To make it an even more irresistible dessert we just have to match it with the traditional yogurt cake, whose recipe we have all learned from our mothers and grandmothers. No matter the taste of sponge cake, your spongy crumb will earn many points accompanied by some balls of meringue ice cream and strawberries, even if it has remained a little dry after several days.

Chocolate Brownie with nuts and cream

Chocolate lovers can't resist succulent chocolate brownie ice cream, an explosive combination of the best chocolate with brownie chips, the classic American sweet. How to turn it into a fancy dessert? It's very simple, you just have to serve the balls in a nice glass and add a good portion of whipped cream to finish decorating it with nuts, whole or chopped. You can even toast or caramelize them with honey or sugar.

Lemon cake with tea pastes

He ice cream lemon pie It is the perfect option for those looking for a refreshing and summery dessert, since it combines the citrus flavor of lemon with the lightness of meringue and a rich cookie flavor. They are very typical ingredients of British pastry, so we can be inspired by the traditional tea time to create a very sweet combination, with tea pastes Add a rich touch. To curl the curl, what if we serve it with a cup of English tea?

Tiramisu with pannacotta

If you are lovers of Italian cuisine you will love this combination for dessert time. It can be the ideal culmination of a pasta or pizza menu, inspired by the sweet tradition of the transalpine country. He tiramisu ice cream It is the freshest version of the typical Italian recipe, which we can match with another classic of the country, the pannacotta. Add an espresso or cappuccino and a round menu will remain.

Stracciatella with waffle

This classic ice cream flavor of gelaterias Italian combines a creamy cream base with intense chocolate in the form of swirls and crunchy pieces. We suggest serving one or two balls of Carte D'Or stracciatella ice cream on a freshly made waffle or heated a few minutes in the oven, so that the ice cream begins to melt gently on the spongy dough, bathing its typical holes. The contrast of temperatures is a delight.

Vanilla with fruit skewers

The classic vanilla ice cream everybody likes it and it really combines very well with any candy we want. But to serve a dessert in just a few minutes, very summery and that can be adapted to any season, we recommend preparing some tempting fruit skewers varied. They can be natural, with honey or grilled caramelized, any variety that is at its optimum ripeness will combine very well with some vanilla balls.

Chocolate with muffins

This dessert will triumph if you have children at home or if you are especially nostalgic, because it is impossible not to return to childhood when tasting it. Two flavors as traditional as Chocolate ice cream and muffins They make an exceptional couple of a lifetime that will surprise you at home for its exquisite simplicity. We can present the cupcake next to the ice cream on a dessert plate, open the bun in half and place a ball inside or simply crown the top with ice cream.

Lemon sorbet with cottage cheese

Very light and refreshing, the lemon sorbet It is an ideal dessert for the summer and that is not lacking in the best tables when looking for a sweet snack that is not very blunt. To turn it into a special dish without subtracting freshness we encourage you to try it with a good cottage cheese or fresh cheese, since its soft texture and lightness make it the perfect match. We can present the cottage cheese in small portions topped by the sorbet or serve the ice cream in a tall glass with the crumbled cheese on top.

Salted caramel with chocolate custard

The great pastry chefs know that a touch of salt in the sweets achieves amazing results, and that's why the Carte D'Or ice cream variety of salted caramel catch whoever tries it. It is a flavor that makes a good couple especially with cocoa preparations, so we choose to serve at home simple but irresistible Chocolate nustard with one or two balls of this variety. Dip the spoon in the ice cream and the creamy custard base is a real treat for the sweet tooth.

Vanilla with brownie

It is said that the Chocolate brownie It was born by chance when a confectioner forgot to add yeast to the cake dough, although there are other myths that point to a very decisive housewife his invention. In any case, this sweet and juicy chocolate cake looks like it was invented to accompany the vanilla ice cream, a very classic combination but that never fails. You can add hot chocolate sauce, whipped cream or fresh fruits to make it even more irresistible.

Which of these tempting combinations seduces you the most? The lack of time is no longer an excuse to run out of dessert, with a good ice cream and a little imagination when pairing it, we can have a fancy dessert ready in just a few minutes and effortlessly. Tell us what others sweet ice cream and candy combinations they occur to you to succeed at home.

In our Summer Carte D'Or space you will find more ideas to enjoy ice cream in a different and original way.

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