The soda sugar turned into extremely sweet lollipops

The amount of sugar carried by the most popular soft drinks around the world is an increasingly latent issue, especially after the last attention calls in which what each one carries is directly visualized. While they continue to debate and propose measures to reduce this controversial hidden sweetener that we abuse so much, new forms of denunciation emerge as curious as these Lollipops made from sugar from certain sodas.

The idea is of a old acquaintance live on the palate, the New Zealand photographer Henry Heargreaves of whom we have already taught you other works and just a few days ago my partner minuet He showed us his latest work with James Bond recipes. It is clear that the author has a very creative mind and food is one of his great obsessions.

In the series titled (de) hydrate, Heargreaves has wanted to delve into the topic of excess sugar with which the most common soft drinks are made and has done so in a very original way, making them very, very sweet lollipops. To this end, boiled drinks like Coca Cola until the sugar syrups are separated from the water, and then solidified them in molds created for the occasion, forming lollipops.

The photographer says that the subject had been worrying him for a while but I needed to see the "real" sugar It comes out of every can or soda bottle, not just its supposed equivalent in granulated table sugar. He was surprised to find those thick and sticky substances, tremendously sweet.

The images also continue in their usual line of work, have their artistic side and their personal stamp is noted, but in this case I think the message behind them matters more. With the photographs of Heargreaves we clearly see that many sodas are more a candy or candy than a drink supposedly designed to hydrate or as a complement to the sport. We must be careful with the amount of sugar we eat without realizing it.

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