What is your favorite city for gastronomic tourism? the question of the week

Surely this holiday many will have traveled to different cities and tried new flavors, and surely many also have a favorite city when traveling thinking about eating well or trying some typical food. Therefore, this week we ask you:

What is your favorite city for gastronomic tourism?

In Spain, mine would probably be Barcelona, ​​where there are not only good restaurants, but that gourmet atmosphere is more breathed, although sometimes it snobs a little, but what ** interests me is to know what cities you would recommend **. Do not forget to leave your comment Live on the Palate Answers and next week we will publish the most valued.

Last week's question: What is the biggest "dive" that you have been put in a restaurant to do the tourist?

Last week the question was about which had been the biggest dive you had suffered in a restaurant sightseeing. The answers have all been very interesting, with Anna.r.geli being the most valued, which explains very well the difference between an expensive restaurant and a tease.

First I want to differentiate that I understand "stick" into a restaurant bill. For me, nailing is not paying a large amount of money, but paying a higher price than would be due to the quality (of the food, the environment, the service ...) offered.

Made this assessment, if we talk about "nailing" in the sense of only the amount of money, I have never been nailed. In restaurants classified as expensive we are usually invited by parents, in-laws or grandparents and although the exact figure I do not know how to say, pay about 80-100 euros per person for fresh fish in specific restaurants (such as in La Galera de Palamós where You don't know the prices of the dishes because the menu is "sung"), it's worth it. I believe that "expensive" restaurants are more careful to offer good value for money than cheap or medium-priced ones.

Instead I felt "stuck" in many restaurants in tourist areas where on business days they offer menus of 18 euros that would not have to exceed 10. I have also felt "stuck" in places that have made me pay for cocktails that they are no more than 2/3 of crushed ice with some juice and alcohol without any grace or in which simple drinks are very expensive. For example on the terrace of the King's Platja d'Aro they make you pay 6 euros for a natural juice that does not reach 200 ml while almost next door, in the Llevant, for 5 euros they offer you a natural juice of about 500 ml or more, with an equally beautiful aesthetic and the same professionalism.

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