Hot dogs around the world

Hot dogs! Is there anyone who doesn't know them? Who else and who less, has eaten them on occasion. A snack of the most popular that unites, successfully, sausage and bread. There is a amazing variety of hot dogs around the world. The type of sausage, bread and accompaniment are the factors that make great differences between them.

Today, the hot dog, which is mainly associated with the sale of street food, is consumed worldwide. The tastes and customs of the country, the available ingredients, the climate, the art of the cook, etc. are some of the factors that define the characteristics of each of the hot dogs we found around the world. In Spain, the classic hot dog is made up of the traditional elongated muffin, filled with a Frankfurter sausage and seasoned with ketchup and mustard ketchup. In my various searches, I have encountered some, very curious, that are worth mentioning for how different they are to which we are accustomed to seeing, elaborating or consuming in our country.

Hot dogs around the world

The miniature in China

Not only rice and noodles live the Chinese, no. In those lands hot dogs are also consumed. Same as tradition in essence, so bring sausage and bread. But the curiosity of Chinese hot dogs is that the sausage is very small in proportion to the size of the bread. And the Chinese are what they do are carbohydrates. Of course

The complete one, in Brazil

Brazilians like to do things in a big way and their hot dogs are a good example of that. To the base of sausage and bread you have to add a accompaniment list, long to say enough. From red and green peppers, to onions, through hard boiled eggs, corn, peas, Parmesan cheese, tomato ketchup, mayonnaise and french fries. There is nothing.

The elegant, in Italy

Italian hot dogs have a strong German, Austrian and French influence. From the first and second comes the choice of sausage, sliced ​​würstel, and third parties the choice of bread, soft and tender brioches that bring incredible elegance to the whole. To top off the play, mayonnaise sauce to taste. A hot dog of marked European style, yes sir.

The amazing one, in South Korea

This is one of the most amazing hot dogs I've encountered and, possibly, you think the same. In South Korea, the sausages are coated in potatoes and fried, to be served as a lollipop, punctured on a skewer. Amazing hot dogs, but true.

The forceful one, in Sweden

I thought the meatballs were the most in the Swedish gastronomic field, but I was very confused. The change of opinion is explained by itself, simply contemplating the photo that accompanies us. Sausage, mashed potatoes, mustard, green salad, onion, tomato ketchup and mayonnaise sauce, all wrapped in a bread cake.

The irresistible, in Mexico

The most popular Mexican hot dog is known as "Sonora style", of uncertain origin. It is served with bread and sausage wrapped in bacon strips, accompanied with chopped onion, fresh tomato, mayonnaise sauce, mustard, pickled chili or fresh jalapeño, melted cheese and chorizo ​​sauce. If I had to choose one over all others, this would undoubtedly be the one I would choose.

The rarito, in Japan

That Japan is the paradise of rare foods is something well known to all. It's not uncommon to find a pizza burger or chocolate chips, but this black hot dog from Akihabara, Tokyo, is the auction. The black color of the sausage and the bread are achieved by the use of edible bamboo charcoal powder, dye is used throughout Asia.

The hybrid, in Holland

More specifically in Amsterdam, because this is a local hot dog nicknamed "The Stoner Dog". A hybrid between hot dog and pizza. The perfect solution for the undecided who, at lunchtime, do not know why bite to opt. With this hot dog there is no need to choose, it is a two in one.

And, so far, the puppies that have caught my attention the most. I assure you that many, very interesting, have been left out for fear of getting tired. If you want to find out more, check out this infographic published in Direct to the Palate Mexico in which they show us the many other ways to serve hot dogs around the world.

Images I Jeremy Brooks, Robyn Lee, Douglas Pfeiffer Cardoso, swedennewyork, Masa Assasin, Anthony Crider, lifeofpie on Flickr and Karapaia
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