Gluten-free carrot cake, recipe for celiacs

This recipe gluten free carrot cake It has a story that I really want to share with you. Along with the classic brownie, the banana cupcakes with cocoa mascarpone topping and the lemon and meringue tartlets, was part of my end of cycle project in the Kitchen Management which revolved around the celiac pastry shop.

I have always thought about the hardness of being celiac being sweet, since most of the gluten-free sweets and cakes that we find in the market are quite improvable. That's why I faced my project with the purpose of demonstrating that gluten-free pastry can be as good as any other and, honestly, with this gluten free carrot cake I can confirm that it is.


For 4 people
  • Ground almond or almond flour 100 g
  • 100 g brown sugar
  • Flour mix for gluten-free elaborations (see below) 33 g
  • Chemical yeast gluten-free 5 g
  • Ground cinnamon 4 g
  • Ground Cumin 4 g
  • Ground nutmeg 2 g
  • 100 g carrot
  • "M" eggs 1
  • Bitter orange marmalade (optional) 15 g
  • Peeled walnuts 10 g
  • Dates without bone 20 g
  • Cream cheese 30 g
  • Believe me fraîche 15 g
  • Icing sugar 10 g

How to make gluten-free carrot cake

Difficulty: Easy
  • Total time 1 h 5 m
  • Elaboration 15 m
  • 50 m cooking
  • 3 hour rest

In the list of ingredients you will see that it appears Flour mix for gluten-free elaborations Of which we need 33 grams. This is a base mix that we can make in large quantities and have it stored for when we need it in our gluten-free recipes. It is prepared with 95 g of rice flour, 25 g of cornstarch and 15 g of tapioca flour.

We start preparing a 14-16 cm diameter detachable mold and turning on the oven at 175 ºC so that, when the mixture is ready, we can cook it without waiting. To do this, we greased the mold, base and sides with butter. We cut a circle of baking paper the same size as the base of the mold and place it on it. It will remain adhered by the butter effect. We reserve

Peel, wash and grate the carrot, with a fine grater (If we have Thermomix, we can use it for this purpose and save time and labor). We reserve Next, we chop the walnuts into thin pieces, just like dates. We reserve the fruits for later.

In a large bowl, mix the dry ingredients, that is, almond flour, brown sugar, the mixture of flours for gluten-free elaborations, the impeller and spices. In another bowl, we beat the egg together with the bitter orange marmalade. We add the grated carrot and the chopped walnut and date.

Mix the dry ingredients with the liquids and stir until you get a homogeneous mass. We pour it into the mold that we have reserved, we spread the dough throughout the surface, with the help of a spatula, or with the back of a spoon, and we introduce the mold into the oven. Let cook for approximately 50 minutes. Cool completely before covering and decorate.

To elaborate the cream cheese topping, with the help of some metal rods we mix the cheese and the crême frâische in a deep bowl. We sift the icing sugar and add it to the mixture. Remove again until incorporated. We pass the cream to a pastry bag and let cool to take body before spreading it over the entire surface of the cake.

If we choose to decorate the cake with some carrots fondant, we can mold them while the cream cheese cover cools. For this we will need orange and green fondant and a little bit of skill. We can also buy them or not use anything. To taste.

With what to accompany the gluten-free carrot cake

Little need this gluten free carrot cake to be tasted and, above all, enjoyed. Just want sweet and, if you love hot drinks like me, a cup of steaming coffee or tea. It is a juicy cake in the mouth, sweet in its right measure and very fluffy. Perfect for a snack or to finish off a meal not too copious.

Video: Gluten-Free Carrot Cake Moist & Fluffy (February 2020).