The most spectacular ice cream ... you can never try

Anna Barlow creates the most spectacular ice cream you can ever tryAt least if you appreciate your teeth, they are made of the toughest ceramic material. Sculptures realistic enough to make the mouth water of those who contemplate them. The truth is that I had to look at the photographs twice to convince myself that they really were not dripping ice cream.

The author had to invest eight years in order to provide her works with the necessary realism. As Barlow explains, what she intends is to capture a brief moment in time, something that seems to be about to melt or fall: "I love the idea that the ice cream only lasts a few seconds, but the pottery is permanent unless it breaks. "

But not everyone enjoys their sculptures, some people criticize them for considering them even obscene, inciting gluttony and labeling them even grotesque. The author says she is fascinated by those who dislike her sculptures, she says it is because they do not understand that food is part of the playful aspect of life. In this sense, children understand more what these sculptures mean.

I find incredible the ability of Barlow to sculpt these delicious desserts in ceramics and porcelain, the way it perfectly combines the colors and the glazed finish of each piece. And although I know I can never try them, they seem to me the most spectacular and appetizing ice cream I've seen in my life.

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