Taco Paco Restaurant, a piece of Mexico in Ibiza

If any advantage we have in Ibiza is that the distances are very short, so it is no problem to travel the island from end to end to discover new corners. He Taco Paco Restaurant, a piece of Mexico in Ibiza, specifically in the town of Santa Eulalia, it was a pleasant and authentic surprise.

I fell in love with the establishment from the outside terrace, full of light bulbs imitating lanterns creating an intimate and festive atmosphere, even the interior decoration, all colorful. I was especially struck by the amount of fun skulls that, as explained to me, made by the owner's mother.

Another point to consider is the attitude of the person who attends to you. How many times have we stopped going to a place because the people who take care of it do not treat us correctly? The waitress who served us at Taco Paco, very young but very determinedHe did it with a sympathy worthy of being highlighted.

Although I was able to take some photos before the establishment was filled, we had to sit outside because everything was reserved, that's why the photos of the dishes we ordered have been a bit dark. Luckily my friends already know from other dinners that I photographed everything and they helped me by removing any object that could further overshadow what they served us.

The same is not very correct, but those who did not drive, I among them, We ordered a margarita to accompany the meal. The truth is that I liked the experience, because the cocktail was delicious. As starters we decided to share some nachos with guacamole and cheese, which are my downfall because I love them and some guaca bravas.

We have repeated several times and we always ask for snacks. Nail guaca bravas They are homemade straw potatoes served with avocado sauce, tomato-chipotle sauce, sour cream and the typical Mexican pico de gallo sauce. If I tell you that they are de-li-cio-sas, I think they are more qualifying. It is hard to stop eating.

The seconds we ask They were: chicken burrito with nachos inside, guaca-burguer burger, tacos and Mexican toast. If you like Mexican food you would have enjoyed as much as we did with these dishes. According to the letter, the products used are local and seasonal and the food 100% homemade and natural. I think it shows a lot in the final result.

It is also appreciated that the presence of spicy is moderate, especially for me that I can not resist it in large quantities. My burrito was very successful. For dessert we ask several portions of chocolate cake To share, a very Mexican ingredient and that left us with a pleasant taste.

No doubt the Taco Paco Restaurant It is an establishment to recommend. Whether you reside on the island or if you come on vacation to it, to get to Santa Eulalia you only have to invest a little time, a little more now that we are in summer, but it is worth knowing this restaurant located just at the entrance of the town.

Taco Paco Restaurant

C / San Jaime 34
07840 Santa Eulalia del Río - Ibiza
Phone 971 80 75 56
Price € 30

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