Mar a Vila restaurant, to go tapas in Ibiza

We Ibizans call our city Vila, to differentiate it from the rest of the island because they coincide with its name with that of the capital. In the heart of the city we can find the Mar a Vila restaurant, to go tapas in Ibiza.

Tapas are a good option for lunch or dinner when we do not want to complicate and allow us, in addition, try many different dishes without the heaviness of having to settle for a single option. Mar a Vila is a trendy bar that offers an interesting signature cuisine.

As with establishments that earn their fame thanks to "word of mouth", we found it a bit difficult to get a free table where we could sit, because the place was full of people. We had to wait more than half an hour, for again we already know that it is better to reserve a table To go about insurance.

In the back of the restaurant there is an interior terrace That was where we sat. A cozy space, tastefully decorated and covered with candles that prevent the relay from causing a too cold environment. I don't know if it will be hot in summer, but at this time the temperature was ideal.

We decided to share the tapas among everyone. We start by black pudding and apple rolls with almond sauceI didn't think I would like them so much because black pudding isn't something I like too much, they were delicious. We also ask for some Cantabrian anchovies, which are a snack that I still love at the risk of having to get up at night to drink.

In addition, some violet potatoes with mustard and roasted garlicIt was the first time I tried this type of potatoes and it seemed very original, I liked the combination of ingredients. We continue with vegetables and fruits in tempuraI especially liked the leek and the apple, the contrast with the batter was delicious.

To finish the round of tapas, we decided on a warm shrimp salad, very complete and I recommend if you go to this restaurant, the prawns were exquisite. And also a plate of Iberian ham with tomato bread that, although I know that in ham, fat is a sign of exquisiteness, for my taste I had too much.

I can't stop referring to the careful presentation of the dishes, very original as a whole. The bread in a cone, the violet potatoes in an elevated tray and the ham on a newspaper imitation paper. I like that these details are taken into account.

For dessert we could only ask black and white chocolate mix chocolates with red wine strawberry ice creamWell, although we were tempted by several of them, we were not able to continue eating. Delicious the combination of the two chocolates with strawberry ice cream with red wine. It was a good end.

In short, the Mar a Vila restaurant, to go tapas in Ibiza It is an establishment to recommend, although arm yourself with patience to get a free table, especially if you go on a weekend. The staff is quite correct, although at times you feel overwhelmed by the influx of diners.

Mar a Vila restaurant

Avda. Ignacio Wallis nº16 07800-Ibiza Reservation phone 971-31-47-78 Approximate price per person: 15-20 euros